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Foundation Repair

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 A slab foundation is a foundation that is made of a concrete slab. Slab foundations are often laid over soil-based areas. They provide an easy 

method of setting a base foundation by simply pouring the slab foundation mixture over the area and leaving it to harden 


 Here are some other disadvantages to pier and beam foundations, which could be potential roadblocks when buying or selling a home: sagging, creaking and bouncy floors. rain accumulation and moistureproblems. poor ventilation. 

Foundation Repair

Foundation movement

 Your foundation will go through a period of time during which it simply settles into the soil around it. While your builder, in all likelihood, took every effort to ensure a firm soil bed for your foundation to be laid upon, they cannot predict what the weather and geology will be like in five or ten years. So what is the difference? It all comes down to a matter of degree: settling typically involves very small movement, without any visible damage to the foundation itself or the plumbing that passes through it — you may only experience one of the above signs. When the soil and foundation movement becomes excessive, you’ll see more severe and sometimes multiple examples of the signs we’ve listed above. 

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